Where's Your Spark?

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  • Our Story

    Rob and I started out with a coffee shop in Stroudsburg PA. We did a lot of research so as to get the perfect cup of coffee. After a few years we decided to pivot, and moved to roasting coffee so we could reach more people and give them the experience of a rich, smooth delicious cup of coffee. We found our Spark and want to share it with you.... Where's your SPARK?

  • Brand Value

    We strive to bring you the freshest coffee experience. All of our coffee is hand picked, single origin premium coffee beans.

    Our coffee is roasted to order so as to give our customer the best and freshest taste.

    We roast, grind ,package and ship all the same day.

    Come get your Spark

See the SPARK we are igniting in others...

  • Consider Igniting your day!

  • I have been an avid coffee drinker for years and have tried many different brands in search of the perfect balance of bold and smooth. I must say after trying the medium roast the search is over! I was blown away after the first sip and so will you!! Thank you Spark Coffee, you have made a life long customer. Keep up te great work!

  • I ordered from Spark for the first time this week, I was pleasantly surprised that it was delivered straight away (within 2 days). We set our pot the night before and the entire house was filled with an amazing aroma of rich bold coffee while just in the filter. In the morning the coffee pot was set a half hour before alarms and my wife woke up to the scent of coffee before the alarm. I can describe it as bold, full of aromatics, and neutral of any acidic after taste. Not only is it a great roast but supporting a local business adds to the great flavor. If you love a good robust cup of coffee I suggest you give it a try.